Silent Garage Doors

Silent Garage Doors

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People, who prefer to reside in the suburbs of Florida, seek a peaceful life and a quiet environment. Most of them work all day long in the chaotic streets of big cities and the last thing they want to hear when they return home is noise. The truth is that some garage doors are very loud, but when they are getting very very loud, there are certain things you can do to eliminate the noise.

Is the opener old?

Garage Door SilentMost consumers own a chain drive garage door opener and the truth is that it is very noisy, especially if your house is located in a very quiet neighborhood of Loretto. The first thing you should do is lubricate the chain. This is a task that you ought to do regularly according to the instructions of the manual or the experts of garage door repair Loretto. If you still can't stand the noise, you should switch to a more silent type like the screw or even better the belt drive opener.

Did you check the mechanism?

  •     Don’t underestimate the good insulation of the door in relation to the noise indoors. If the door is properly insulated, it will decrease the levels of noise coming from outdoors.
  •     The mechanism has tens of little parts that might have loosened up or eroded over time. Check whether some screws are ready to fall on the floor or the garage door rollers are loose and fix them with a screwdriver.
  •     The best treatment for noisy mechanical parts is lubrication maintenance. Make sure to lubricate the springs, the tracks and the cables.
  •     Are some garage door parts distorted? They must all be in outstanding shape for the mechanism to work perfectly and the door to roll smoothly on the tracks.
  •     How thick is the entry door that leads from the garage into the house? A good door will ensure better safety and eliminate loud noises from the garage.

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