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All fixed opener accessories must be mounted at least 5 feet above the ground

This is one of the major safety measures which must be taken when the opener is installed. When the wall button and any keypads and other devices are over five feet above the floor, they cannot be reached and operated by children who are too young for this.

How not to get locked out of your garage

As you make that turn to your street, you are already expecting your garage door to open up as you pull in. It's because you have your trusty remote control clipped to your sun visor. To make sure that you won't be locked out because your batteries are dead, always have a set stashed somewhere in your car. You can store them in your glove compartment or the small storage compartment in the middle just beside your cup holder.

Careful with glass

Garage doors with glass can pose particular problems that non-glass doors don't have. Even though most door glass is tempered, it is still more fragile than the door itself. Besides breakage from a rock or object thrown during an unusual windstorm, excessive tension caused by extension springs that wear unevenly can also cause the glass to break. To make sure your glass panels and your garage door itself is properly maintained, we recommend regular scheduled maintenance by our expert technicians.

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