Your Garage is the perfect Space for Valentines Day

Your Garage is the perfect Space for Valentines Day

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The season of love has come upon us again, and while Cupid draws his arrows, many households are looking for a quaint and unique way to celebrate this romantic occasion. But people are a little tired of dining out at overbooked restaurants on Valentine’s day, there is something about them which transforms the expected romance of the evening into something rather stressful, insanely expensive and somewhat forgettable. So, this year why not look a little closer to home for the perfect venue to celebrate with your love -and while it might sound strange from the get-go, you would be surprised as to how good a space your garage is for just such an occasion. Look beyond the automatic opener, parked car and rarely entered space, and the garage actually has something distinctly magical about it.

And this is the case for more than one reason:Garage - perfect space for Valentines Day

The Best Place for Preparations

If you are looking to deck your home out with garlands, decorations, banners or any other romantic surprises, you’ll need a lot of space to get the preparations ready. Cluttering up your living room with materials will do little for the air of romance this valentine’s day, so why not consider using your garage for your preparations. The garage doors will provide you with the privacy that you need if secrets are to be kept, and the large open area will give ample space to be creative. Also, generally speaking, these areas can take a beating when it comes to mud, oil and other materials, making it a better space to make a mess in (which is often the case during the creative process).

Keeping the Surprise

If you are preparing something special to surprise your loved one this Valentine’s day, the chances are that you would prefer to keep it a secret for as long as you can. This requires a place to set the surprise up, a place to store it, and most importantly, a place to keep it private until the time comes to unveil your big surprise. Garages have always been a great place to do this. Whether you’re storing your kid’s mountain bike or a life-sized teddy, finding a secluded, unexplored area beyond garage door tracks will do the trick.

A Secluded and Surprisingly Romantic Place to Dine

Give your garage a bit of a sweep, pop a table, two chairs, some candles and a stereo in there, or hang some fairy lights from your overhead garage door, and this undervalued space will become a truly memorable, secluded and romantic way to spend Valentine’s alone with your partner. The dim lighting and privacy will enhance the romance. So, why not give it a shot.

Romance on Arrival

Greet your loved one this Valentines by surprising them with some decorated garage door panels. Whether you use stickers, cards or Christmas lights, your doors are the perfect spot to set up a themed decoration that will great your partner as they arrive home.

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